Aging, Oh how it is different for everyone

Aging, Oh how it is different for everyone.  Are the friends of our youth still the friends as we age

How in your 20’s it seems that all those that are in your circle of friends will or do have similar dreams for the future.

But, to now sit some 40+ years later and listen to where all our lives have taken us.  It is fascinating.  For most of us, we have flitted in and out of each other lives touching them before heading off to our deal with own lives again.   Some we have lost touch for a while only to pick up again and to continue the association.  Some we lose touch until now.  Some we bump into now and again.

Sitting, listening and watching all the old familiar interactions, it is like it was only last year not some 40 odd years ago that we were all living on top of each other in the run-down pub in London.  Or perhaps its the alcohol that is making it seem like it was only last year.

As this was the first gathering of all of us in one place, I watched as all the old hierarchy’s seemed to fall back into place so easily.  I had wondered on our car trip down the Island how they would establish themselves now after we had all grown in age, work, families, grief, and joys that we have all dealt with in our own individual worlds.

I shouldn’t have wondered.  It was like an old familiar jigsaw puzzle.  All the pieces seem to know exactly where they fitted,

The memories of the shared escapades from long ago echoed loudly around the campground that first night.  The bursts of laughter that continued long after I had to head to bed made the friendships feel like a long lost cuddly blanket and I went to sleep feeling quite secure.

During the evening,  I did watch with interest the interactions with the 3 newest members of the group.  One really can’t be called new.  Although she had not been with us back all those years ago in London, actually joined the crew not long after we all arrived back in New Zealand, so much so that it is hard at times to think that she actually wasn’t there with us at the St James in London.

It was the interaction of the 2 newest that I watched with interest.  One who held her own and partied making new memories so that by the end of the weekend I am sure was well embedded within the group.

The 3rd fell into a difficult area as young children that needed to be cared for were involved, combined with the language difference.  This at times when added to the speed that we talk or slurred would be difficult to follow (even for sober English speakers).  I am sure she must have felt entirely out of her depth at times, but then having to care for the children could have been a good excuse to disappear.  But for all the difficulty and uncomfit, she was always ready with a smile on her face, a true testament to her personality and another well earned place within the group.

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