Ain’t this heat grand

The heat has been fantastic. I haven’t found it too hot, where I want to climb out of my skin. The ocean temperature for New Zealand’s coast is so warm. Actually, I think its warmer than the temperature of some peoples showers.

I am loving the swims this year, though I really have to admit I hate sand and seaweed. If only there were none. Mind you a pair of beach shoes have helped with the sand and at low tide walking over the rocks and through some seaweed.

The evening meals taken outside in the cool are delightful and a fan by the bed overnight is always welcome. Mind you, although I am loving the heat, I must say Wayne isn’t. Lucky for me I don’t need to go out and work in the heat.

The de-cluttering feels like it has come to a pause this week. It is easy to say it just to hot to think about it, but really, I have just been too lazy. So tomorrow, I must get back into it, and then start on the stored “stuff” downstairs. Now that is damn scary. I think we may need to hire a skip for a while.

Why do we keep things, I understand the sentimentality attached to items, but that is really only felt by me, the next generation doesn’t want to inherit a truckload of junk attached to my sentimentality when I am gone. So unless it is useful or valuable it really has to go.

I keep being told that “if it speaks to you when you hold it, keep it”…. yeah right. Great Tui ad that one. Everything speaks to me one way or another. Some yell….”Throw me out”, some say “oooo remember me” and then a few say “Keep Me, Keep Me” and others say “don’t you dare….”

I still have boxes under the house that I have not opened since the last house move. Obviously, nothing in them is needed, so I don’t think I will even open them, I will send them off without another thought. For if I open them, they are going to be yelling “keep Me Keep Me”, why else would I have kept unopened boxes this long.

A question to you, as I am de-cluttering “things” from my life, should I also be de-cluttering people. Removing the negative – well I have done that to some extent already. But should I remove people that I have not held/spoken/messaged for some time from my life? If they come back then great, but if not then what am I losing.

What should I do?

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