Round 2 of the Chemo, they tweaked the drug slightly…. 20% they said.  There as that % again.  They tell me that normally they would have tweaked it 25% but have held it at 20%.  Here is hoping that this dosage is easier to handle.  The 3 days of the toxic cocktail were fine, I felt fine.  My toxic babies bottle was removed Friday lunchtime and all I can hope is that the weekend goes well.

But the universe has a very warped sense of humour.  Either that or I was one hell of a witch in my last life. My rock Wayne, and believe me he has been amazing since this all began, is ill.  He came home from work Friday night with a headache, just putting it down to lack of water.  But by early Saturday morning, he was in lots of pain, Panadol and a Migraine tablet didn’t work and the headache seemed to be getting worse.  I offered to take him to A&E and he accepted straight away, a sure sign he was not well.

At A&E they tell me he has a virus…. Man Flue…. they gave him Tramadol to ease the pain, but it didn’t work and by then he was feeling nauseous as well, They sent him home with Codeine for the pain if it got worse and anti-nausea tablets.   He went to bed, but by 3pm he was in agony, his head and his back and was vomiting as well.  I must say I have never seen him in pain like this before.  So I said stuff this, this isn’t the Man Flue and took him into Auckland Hospital Emergency Department.  Am I thankful I did.

Wayne is still in Hospital as he has bacterial meningitis,  They are treating it as meningococcal meningitis until they get the results through tomorrow.  So he is in isolation and will be until tonight (Monday night).  He will have been on iv antibiotics for 48 hours by tonight, and as long as nothing further shows up in his tests he will be able to come home on Wednesday.

I must say this has thrown me, and I have cried for the first time since been told about my cancer.  I came home yesterday from the hospital feeling like hell.  The stomach cramps, nausea, and the diarrhea are back with vengeance.  Oh and did I mention, that when I washed my hear yesterday morning it came out in clumps in my hand.  Think I might need to buy a hat.


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