Bye Bye.. Goodbye .. See ya later

After 6 months of planning, thinking and dreaming the day is finally here. The bags are packed well actually they have been packed, unpacked, things shuffled, then packed, unpacked more things shuffled…. then TOH decided to finally pack. So again its packed, weighed, unpacked, things shuffled, repacked, weighed, unpacked, things shuffled or more correctly squashed to get as much in as possible, repacked weighed, locked and fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it all goes through smoothly.

But that has even taken into consideration our hand luggage, where we HAVE to carry our medication. WOW oh just WOW is all I can say. Lordy Lordy check this out…..

I think we may have a bit of fun with customs, what do you think. WE both have letters from our various medial people advising why it is all required. So what this space for information on travelling with this much medication.

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