Make your Curved Balls into Smiles

Life throws you curve balls, learning to juggle them all should be my new job.  Its Day 83 of this lockdown and there seems to be now a light at the end of the tunnel.

We do have so much to be thankful for so I am not complain about lockdowns, as I feel its far better for my soul to find the good things to dwell on rather than the opposite.  I sit here with the sun streaming in, the Granddaddy Tui happily collecting fodder to refurnish his nest, from the tree outside my window.  I turn my tablet on and the first thing I see is the smiling faces of my 3 beautiful grandchildren who will be here in 29 days and I will be cuddling in 39 days.  I cant wait.

Being “stuck” in New Zealand due to the international COVID pandemic has given me a chance also to push my mission of raising the awareness of Pancreatic Cancer and also raise funding for research and trials as well.

Finally meeting another amazing lady going through the Pancreatic Cancer battle also and the wonderful support groups that were starting up before COVID hit showed me I am not alone out here

Then thanks to my “nearly” daughter, that my mission of holding a very high-level Gala took off.  A Gala that will help teach New Zealand about this horror cancer.  Believe me the PanCan Gala has taken a life of its own. The support we have been receiving from our Sponsors and Donors for the auction have made me very humbled. The job of opening myself up, to tell my story has been hard, but if I can save one life by telling my story, then my mission will be successful.

The Gala was to be held the 19th November, but due to the current COVID restrictions has been moved to 11th March 2022.  So follow along as I want to take you on the journey of the Gala. 

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