Well, here we are again, feeling a little like its Groundhog Day.

Today I head off to start Chemotherapy again.  Round 2, 4th Stage to this journey.  Chemo booked in for another 3 months.  They have changed the Toxic Cocktail from the last time,  some tell me it won’t be as bad as last time, and then others tell me the opposite.  So again we will just wait and see how this beaten and battered body will take it.

I only need to look at my naked body in the mirror (and I can assure you I try not to do that too often) to remind me of just how far I have come on this journey.  The major surgery last year that didn’t work, the recovery from that, the 3 months of chemo and the constant fear that the hell I was putting my body through wouldn’t work, the waiting to be told information, the second and more major surgery and the still ongoing recovery and resulting life changes, the frustration of having to put my life in others hands (particularly when I am such a control freak).

I decided yesterday I had to do something drastic to mark the beginning of this stage, so while I have some hair and along with the help of Dave from Wilson & Valentine Hair in Newmarket, I changed my hair colour to the pancreatic purple.  I imagine it will be purple until it falls out again, but by then I will have knitted enough beanies to keep my head warm. What do you think?

Purple Hair

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