Hello Chemo, my old friend

Because a cancer softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the cancer that was planted in my frame
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

Similar to before having your first child, you never hear the good birthing stories. The same for Chemo. You hear all the horror stories and never the good ones. I am not one to dwell on the horror stories and so from the very beginning I decided I would welcome Chemo as a friend who has come along to help me battle my enemy. But, as with any war, no one ever comes out unscathed. Fighting the battle of my life is no different.

My old friend chemo is not my best friend by far (think my bed may be that), and chemo is really hard to live with at times. But at its very worse, I know its heart is in the right place and its fighting as hard as it can for me. So, I have to lay back down and let it do its job. I need to keep reminding myself, that my feeling so rotten is just collateral damage and it will pass.

So, as I head back to chemo tomorrow, I go with a smile and full of anticipation at the thought of our fortnightly catch up. I know it has lined up its best mercenaries to fight for me. I just need to embrace it and let it do its job.

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