Is Chemo Brain Real or Imagined

Before the chemo started I was told about Chemo Brain and really I just passed the comments off as “Hmmmph, what would you know, that’s not me!”

Is there any scientific proof it exists.  I was told the other day that its anxiety or imagined and that we talk ourselves into it.  But then why do so many suffer the same symptoms.

I call my brain “Brian”.  I saw a T/shirt advertised somewhere that said…. “Please forgive me it’s my Chemo Bran, Brian, Brianne, Thinky Thing“.  That’s why I call my brain Brian.

So if you are talking to me and I lose the thread of the conversation, please understand its Brian playing games with me.

In fact, Brian loves to prank me and does often.  I popped into Sylvia Park the other day as I had to go to the Warehouse Stationary to pick up some supplies and as I walked back to the car I realised, I had no idea where I had parked.  A total blank, nothing.

My first thought was, Oooo I like your style, Brian.  I better stay shopping till I remember where the car is.  But just like a typical Male, before I had a chance to go into a dress shop, he let me remember where the car was so that I could head off to Mitre10.  But Brian wasn’t quite finished with me yet.

After Sylvia Park, I had to head to Mitre10.  Once I found the car and started heading out of the car park I realised there was a problem with the car.  For some reason, the Hazard Lights were going and I had no idea why.  They were flashing and everyone was looking at me.  I tried everything I could think of to stop them.  I turned the lights on and off, I turned the indicators on and off, I tried pushing every button I could see, to try and stop them.

As I was already running late, I just had to keep driving to Mitre10.  I drove as carefully as I could, worried that the whole damn car was going to blow up or stop in the middle of a very busy highway.  At the traffic lights, I tried not to look at the other drivers around me as they all looked at me as if there was something wrong.  Well, there was, those damn Hazard Lights were going.

When I pulled into the Mitre10 parking lot, I hoped that when I turned the car off they would stop…….. but nope.  Still going.  I suppose the only saving grace was that the horn wasn’t also sounding.

I tried to call Wayne but had to leave a message asking him to call me, as there was a problem with the car and I didn’t know what to do.  Believe me, I felt so damn useless.  Before I went into Mitre10 I tried all the buttons and knobs I could see again.  Still, nothing would stop those lights.

I scuttled into Mitre10 with the hope that no one I knew would see me and also the hope that somehow the Hazards would stop while I was away from the car.  BUT, Nope.  When I came out of the store, that darn car was still happily flashing away and no call from Wayne yet for help.

I slid into the car, again hoping no one I knew was around to see me and wondered in despair if I was going to have to drive all the way home with them flashing or should I stay and call the AA for help, as surely the fact there was no way to turn them off must mean that there was something wrong with the car.

I decided to wait for 5 more minutes or so to give Wayne a chance to call me back before I called the AA and while I waited I thought it would be a good idea to check the car’s handbook and see if there is anything in there that could tell me what had gone wrong with the car.

I looked up Hazard Lights and lo and behold there was a picture of a “LARGE” button in the middle of the dashboard with a “LARGE’ red triangle on it that you push to turn the Hazard Lights on or off.  To my utter surprise when I looked at the dashboard, that darn “LARGE” button was sitting right where the book said it would be.  With trepidation, I pushed the button and…….. the lights stopped!


Well done Brian, you outdid yourself, but thankfully you did allow me to finally get home without any further mishaps.  Oh, and the Car….. it is absolutely fine!

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