Tell me what to do and I will just do it.  2 days in and I still feel OK, I thought I would be feeling something more.

There are small indications like nausea, but if I keep up the right meds that is fine, it just sits at the back of the stomach or the back of the throat, just to remind you that hey this is happening.  Elsa the Cancer nurse wants me to start laxatives, but, they never prescribed me laxatives, so I’ll take my herbal ones.  I would love a kiwi crush, but I think the cold would be too much at the moment.

I’m sleeping when I feel like sleeping and generally taking it easy.  I turned my phone off for a while, so I could sleep and forgot to turn it back on.  Wayne couldn’t get hold of me and was so angry with me for not answering the phone.  Ha ha Sweetheart I aint dying yet!.  In fact the guilt I feel letting you and Sarah fuss around after me probably is harder to swallow than any side effects so far.

Friday lunchtime, arriving to have my Baby Bottle removed, again I feel like the forgotten patient as Elsa had forgotten I was coming in and gone.  I am beginning to think

So am I faking it?  I am more tired than normal but the only really painful thing now is my surgery scar.  It seems that not only do my finger tips and feet/toes tingle, so does my surgery scar, it hurts and tingles to touch.

Those damn nerve endings.

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