Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

I have written this blog a number of times in my head over the last week or so. But getting it down here has seemed harder than normal.

For lots of reasons, I love this time of the year. I love the hustle and bustle and the stress (actually I even love how busy it is to go shopping) and the planning of gifts for the special people in my life (hoping that whatever it is will be enjoyed within the halo of love that it is purchased or made for them).

The trimming of the tree. The wrapping of the gifts when no one is around, should they be covered in pretty paper and ribbons with sweet little cards wishing love or should we take note of the growing concern of waste in the world and just wrap them in plain no thrills paper. Perhaps a spread of both this year.

Then there is the planning for the day, where will it be, who will be there, the usual family undertones of those that feel that they don’t want to disappoint anyone, those who feel their priorities are different to others and those who just go with the flow. Trying to work the day so that everyone is happy …. to some extent.

There are the dearly loved ones who are spending this day on the other side of the world and I admit to giving up a wee tear and a little prayer of thanks to Whatsapp and being able to be up at 1am on Boxing Day just so I can watch the littlest of the family open their pressies.

For me this is the time of the year that recharges all my batteries for the year ahead.

On the Big Day, I give thanks for every family and friend around me, every argument, laughter, hug, tear and memory. For it is particularly on this day I remember those that are no longer with us. In the recent months a couple of dear friends have lost their Mums, and my thoughts turn to my own Mum and the little traditions which I have endeavoured to retain in her memory and hope that all those who are remembering lost loved ones have their traditions in place to remind them that it is because they were so loved that they grieve so deeply, particularly at this time of the year.

So to my wonderful family and “nearly” family all around the world, all my amazing friends who have taken TOH, myself and our little family under their wings again as we currently travel another rough path and the many many friends (oh so many amazing new friends from our wonderful Memory Making Trip in the USA) spread all around the world. To every one of you I wish you all a wonderful, special Christmas.

Relish the laughter, the arguments and the love.

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