Road Trips, Family, Friends and Warm Fuzzys

A weekend that started with lunch with friends and finished with lunch with friends and included a visit with family on both sides. Catching up with my nephew and his gorgeous little family while we stayed with my sister was an added bonus.

It was fun travelling away with No.2. The laughs and discussions as we drove, all memory making. I loved the fact he was the one who suggested he come along on the trip away for the weekend. He makes me a very proud mum.

Now I am looking at the last few days at home, before heading back to TOH in the USA. I am so excited about getting back and starting on our next adventure. I feel comfortable in leaving No2 and Nearly 1 this time. I knew that they would always manage without us, but there is always that little voice in the back of the brain, that … maybe, just maybe they still need me. Again I am a proud mum.

The past weekend has been a throwback to the past for me. No1 has been playing in a Water Polo tournament so a lot of the weekend has been spent sitting beside the pool watching grown men splash around in a pool while playing with a ball. As I caught up with old friends beside the pool, it reminded me how special old friends are and the relationships forged long ago, yet withstand the passing of time.

And now 3 weeks after I arrived home, I sit here ready to head back to the USA. The time in some ways has flown and yet dragged as I cant wait to start on the next part of our adventure. TOH is already in Boston waiting for my return and by the look of it, he is again being thoroughly spoilt by special people.

These 3 weeks have been a special time for me. I came home for tests and got to spend the time with the people who are special in my life. It makes me feel so wealthy that these people have taken the time out of their busy lives to spend time to listen to me, cry with me, laugh with me and just be with me.

Thank you wonderful people, I am sad to say goodbye for “now” and I will miss you, but I head off again with a large smile on my face thinking of you all, and knowing that when I am back we will have so much more to talk about.

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