Spring is in a rush to arrive.

Feels like I am back home, watching the rain fall. Its a gloomy day, but the temperature is ok. Well at least it is inside as it always is, I havent venutred outside yet.

Over the last week we have celebrated No1Grandbaby’s 2nd birthday and it snowed all the next day. The country was as pretty as a postcard and I have to admit to thinking I should be taking photos for a calendar. This had been a thought lingering in the back of my mind long before we left for the Northern Hemisphere. We shall see.

The temperature has certainly risen here, and I know I sound silly but I delight in the first bursts of colour appearing. No disrespect to the Northern Hemisphere whanau, but god its brown up here when there is no snow. I mean everything is brown! Which is weird as with the snow its like picture postcard sights everywhere you turn, then as it melts its ….. blah. BROWN, Brown and more brown.

But as I was saying the temperature has risen and we have had a few days above zero and the grass is getting tinges of green, the trees are even getting blossom buds. I am in awe as how fast spring seems to be coming. So I imagine, in not more than a week or so we will be seeing all the goregous colours of spring bursting through.

I know the animals are certainly stirring. No1 child tell me she has seen a fox in the back yard already, and the squirrels are appearing as well. They are so cute. I know they are pests, but such cute pests. I really dont mind not seeing some of the bigger animals like cyotes, wolves or heaven forbid bears. They really dont visit this area….. do they?

Not far from here is the nesting ground for Osprey and I am told that they will be returning soon. I cant wait to see them, along with the snapping turtles and beavers that live in the canal that No1 and her little family live on.

Though, sadly and happily, No1 and her family are moving into town very shortly. So with the arrival of Grandbaby no 2 imminent and moving house at the same time, it is all go here. So sadly there maybe not so much time for nature watching.

On a side note, we had a trip to the “Home Depot” this week, (a bit like Mitre10 on steriods) and they had the best trolleys to put the kids in to drive around in. Come on Mitre10 you could do this too.. Check out No1 Grandy in the trolley below,

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