I went to work, must say I had to take a large breath in before opening the door to the office.  It’s the fear of the unknown in such a familiar place.

I did not want to be treated any differently, I want to be boringly normally me.  As always, it is the expectations that are far worse than the actual reality.

The Office was having their fortnightly morning tea, so it was great to actually jump that hurdle with seeing everyone at once.

The normalcy of work felt great.  I so enjoyed forgetting for a while that anything had changed.

But as the day went on, nausea and light-headedness crept back in and it was time to go home.  Success on the first day.

Bring on day 2 at work, and yay, the repartee with the co-workers and just getting my head into the mundane daily work chores feel good.

Life is normal

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