Toronto. A completion of a circle in life

Travelling down to Toronto it seems that the colours have changed again or that the country has morphed from a tapestry of multi colours into having a golden hue. As the leaves are now starting to die off, it seems that every where you look there is a golden halo.

This is my second time to visit Toronto but unlike the last visit, this wasn’t a tourist visit. We headed to Toronto for a purpose. To support the kids as they ran in the Toronto Scotiabank Half Marathon. This is the first half marathon for my No.1 and her partner, his second and part of his training for a marathon.

Our first evening TOH and I wandered down through the entertainment district to a blues bar The Rex for a quick bite to eat while listening to some live music before heading back for an early night with the knowledge that we had to be up early to help with the grandbabies.

Our daughter and her partner headed off early to the start line for their runs so the could soak up the atmosphere before they began the run. While we got to blend the time having cuddles, games and fun with the grandbabies. While we got to have the littlest people for the morning. Such a treat. Lots of cuddles and games had all morning. Such a treat.

We arrived with littlies into just in time to see their Dad cross the finish line, then we all found a place to sit to watch their Mum come in and cross the finish line herself. For myself and TOH it was quite special as we waited near the finish line for for our daughter. I was holding her 6 month old as she crossed the finish line and I think both TOH and I had lumps in our throats and possibly a wee tear sneaked down my cheek as it took me back to the time she was 6 months old and I was at the finish line as her Dad finished his first major run. This part of our life had done a complete circle. We are very very proud parents and so thankful to be able to share such the experience with them.

The weather for the run was perfect and after a little down time for our two runners, we wandered round the downtown and had fun showing No.1 Grandbaby the trains at the Roundhouse Park under the CN Tower where the Toronto Railway Museum is along with a collection of trim carries that you can climb over. It really is fascinating and the City’s foresight to retain the old train station is wonderful for future visitors to see the incredible technology. The Roundhouse was built in 1931 and could house up to a 32 locomotives at a time. There is a 120 ft turntable in the front of the building which the locomotives would park on and be turned to the bay they were being stored for maintenance in. Quite a fascinating place.

Before we left the family in Toronto we got to catch up with a childhood friend of our daughters who was in Toronto for the ImagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival where the documentary he produced on Sir Hector Busby has been selected to be shown. So proud of him and can’t wait to hear how the showing goes on Thursday.

But sadly it was time to hit the road again and had back to the USA. This time it is only for a short time till we see the kids again, as we will be again standing at the finish line in a couple of weeks cheering our daughters partner on as he completes his first marathon in New York.

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