Bee Strong RibbonDo you think about the future? If you do and I am sure you all do, how do you picture your life panning out ahead of you?

Recently I was asked why I called this blog Renovate My Dreams when it was about my journey with cancer.  Well in truth it isn’t just about cancer, there is far more to it.

A long long time ago when we were young, fresh and I suppose naive, (though heaven help it if you suggested that back then), I pictured us happily together as an old couple in our rocking chairs on the deck overlooking the ocean.  A simple but content life.

There weren’t any kids in the picture but there were lots of friends, lots of laughter and the odd trip away to follow the sun.  The dream changed when the kids came along but I kept hold of the idea of the rocking chairs on the deck I just added the children and grandkids, lots of extended family,  a few cats and dogs along with the friends,  laughter and holidays.  I called it my White Picket Fence Future.

Over the years that White Picket Fence took a large number of blows through the loss of both family, friends and financial and health issues affecting family members.  But I kept patching it up and holding it there as my dream future.

About 3 to 4 years ago, my gorgeous kids taught me the biggest lesson of all and totally blew that White Picket Fence out of the ground.  Both, in their own way, drove a whopping big bulldozer through my pretty little picket fence.  They chose their dreams to follow and I had to learn the hard way that when it comes to dreams you only have the right to dream for yourself, (also confirmed how much of a control freak I am).  That is not to say that you can’t enjoy and be part of others dreams, but it is only yours that you can influence.

So I decided there and then to”Renovate My Dreams”.  It has taken awhile to be able to happily start rebuilding my picket fence and this journey with Cancer has made me realise it will always be a work in progress. A fact that I now find quite exciting.

But for a start, there is now a gate in the fence for people to come and go through, and it’s no longer a boring bland white colour.  It is now and will always be the colour of the rainbow, there is a special little part of the dream that chooses to live on the other side of the world and an even larger part of the dream scattered around the world.  The rocking chairs are still there, but not sure where in the world they are anymore, but that’s exciting.

And then who knows what will be next.

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