Why "Renovate My Dreams" because they are a work in progress.

Flying, Airports and Customs

So the day finally arrived, its time to head to Canada, Friends, Family and Grandbabies. With the extra case paid for and the bags are all checked in. We lunched with my support crew and No.2 child before heading off

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Bye Bye.. Goodbye .. See ya later

After 6 months of planning, thinking and dreaming the day is finally here. The bags are packed well actually they have been packed, unpacked, things shuffled, then packed, unpacked more things shuffled…. then TOH decided to finally pack. So again

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Renovate My Dreams

In Limbo!

Well the last couple of weeks have not been fun. Two weekends ago, I was planning a fun bike ride near Thames, but instead I ended up back in hospital for the weekend. After everything that has happened over the

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