Why "Renovate My Dreams" because they are a work in progress.

Use By Date

Use By Date I watched a news item about food wastage today.  During the interview they talked about “Best Before” Dates and “Use By” Dates and it got me thinking.  ‘Best Before” goes without saying,.. after this date throw it

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I am not a Miracle

I am not a Miracle You’re a Miracle, You’re Amazing. How many times have I heard this. No, I am not and please stop telling me this, because somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind I start believing that

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Milestones – Anniversaries and Celebrations

Today, actually this morning, is the 15th anniversary of my mothers passing.  It is milestones like this, that make me sit back and think about my own journey. There are hardly any days that go past, that I don’t think

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