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14 March 2024

PC Events are thrilled to share with you that last week, the PC Events Committee received the inaugural Fundraiser of the Year award from our partners at the Gut Cancer Foundation. The award is recognition of the $200,000 raised through the committee’s activities over the past 2 years, and the hours of hard work that goes into planning and creating events like the PanCan Gala and Make It Purple Long Lunch.

This award is thanks to you all, to our incredible sponsors without whom these events simply would not take place. It belongs to our amazing supplier partners who provide their skills, products and expertise often at low or no cost to the events. It belongs to everyone who supplied an auction item for these events. And of course, it belongs to you, our donors, auction winners, and everyone who has bought tickets and raffle tickets. It is you, our Pancreatic Cancer community that have raised such an incredible amount of money, and it is you who deserve this recognition too.

So, thank you. Your support means the world to us. Our community is playing a vital role in the work by helping the Gut Cancer Foundation in the work they are carrying out for the pancreatic cancer community. Please, never doubt the impact your support makes or the gratitude we and the GCF have for all your support.

Sandy Clarke, Nyree Smith & Deirdre Gibbs

The 2022 and 2023 PC Events Committee

Carmen Bailey, Deirdre Gibbs, Diana Marshall, Jo Davidson, Karen Horman, Kaz Staples, Nyree Smith and Sandy Clarke