And so, we are off again.

And so, we are off again. 

We got to Auckland Airport early, just in case there were long queues, after a 3 hour wait at the Auckland Airport, then a 13.5 hour flight to Houston, USA.  A brief 2.5 hours at the Houston airport before a 5 hour flight to Boston followed by a 1.5 hour drive to Portland, Maine we finally arrived. I can assure you that bed looked very inviting, and I think both of us were asleep before our heads hit the pillows.

Having survived the trip, we then were both it with COVID.  Wayne going down first then me.  The self isolation for 5 days was fine for me as I slept for early 3 days straight before bouncing back as if there had been nothing wrong with me.  Wayne also bounced back quickly but seems to have a cough he just can’t shake.  So unusual for him who never gets coughs and colds.

The bonus to having COVID, (and the downside), was that we ended up in Portland longer than we had planned before we were comfortable to travel.  The bonus was we got to spend more time with our friends.  Also, the gorgeous back yard which our room looked out to. In the back yard is a large Acorn tree where a family of Squirrels were living.  During the times of actually being awake I would either lie there and watch their antics or go and sit in the sun on the back deck and enjoy their antics from there.  Running up and down the tree eating the acorns a they went, spitting them out when they had taken what they wanted, so there was the constant sound of them dropping on the deck, Actually it took me a day to work out what the noise was.  I know they are rodents, but they are so cute, and their agility is amazing.  Their long fluffy tails waving after them as they scuttle along the extremely thin branches down along the fence, up a power pole and along the power lines to the next tasty tree.

Anyway, a week after arriving in the USA, we packed up Henry Ford and pointed our nose north, thinking we would head to Montreal first and spend a day there before heading on down to the Kawartha Lake District in Ontario.  The GPS was having its fun with us and took us on what Wayne was describing as “B” Roads.  I really didn’t mind, I was enjoying the scenery and we arrived at the American Boarder to find it was just a little white building on the side of the road.  Manned by a lovely Boarder Controlled man, who I think was in training.  After a few questions, we were heading on into Canada and onto roads that Wayne was far happier on, but far less interesting.

We arrived in Montreal and realised we had no WiFi or data as our American phone data didn’t work in Canada, so after driving round the centre of Montreal, we decided to head on down to Lindsay in the Kawartha Lakes District.  It was such a long day, as we had left Portland Maine at 8:30am and didn’t get to Lindsay just after 10pm.  With hindsight we should have stopped over night somewhere.

The road down from Montreal to Lindsay, was like an interstate and there really was nothing to see and once we turned off on to smaller roads, it was too dark to see anything. Ow we have been here in Lindsay for four days.  Spending time with the grandchildren, watching swimming lessons, reading stories at bedtime and visits to the parks.

On Sunday Ellie-Mae (our 5th wheeler) was finally pulled out of storage after 3 years and set up on a camping lot at Riverwood Park.  I was surprised at how emotional I was when I finally got in and start setting it up, ready for our next trip. 

Watch this space…..  

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