Why are we so obsessed with our hair.  What is it about our crowning glory that when it starts to disappear we do whatever it takes to pretend it’s not leaving us.  How often have you seen someone in the street with a “Comb Over” and thought “oh god just let it go”.  Surely their vanity is not so large that they think this looks good!

Well, I will never think that again.  It was like a thunderbolt as I stood in front of the mirror trying to comb my hair “over” the top so that my scalp wasn’t so obvious when I realised….. I was doing a “Comb-Over”.  So to all you men out there that I have secretly sniggered at, I apologise and promise never to think these thoughts again.

Early on in my chemo sessions, one of my cheerleaders and I had pledged to have our hair died purple when this was all over.  But on further reflection, as time went on, it was suggested all 3 of my cheerleaders and I get a purple streak in our hair for each piece of good news. And bravely they all agreed.  So off we all toddle with a bottle of bubbles for the cheerleaders and a Kombucha for me (well it looks like it could be bubbles) to get our first two streaks done. With 3 of us with dark hair, I hadn’t given a lot of thought to my poor cheerleader who is the blondest of us. But she was the first to step up and smiled the entire time. As I sat and watched the 3 amazing ladies have their hair streaked in support of me, I felt extremely humbled and proud to call then my friends.

Us 2


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