Home, Briefly

I have been home a week and a bit now. Plenty of time to get over the flight from hell from Toronto to Houston. A flight that should have taken under 5 hours took over 7 and half hours.

I had the pleasure of sitting beside a delightful gentleman from Mexico who during the storm was praying and crossing himself, and kindly offered to add me into his prayers. Must say I was saying a few myself. But after a time hanging in the air in a holding pattern (actually I wouldn’t call it a “holding” pattern as we were being thrown around) then a short diversion to Dallas Fort Worth for fuel, we returned to Houston and landed safely, with just enough time for me to have my phone stolen (so no photos this time), but more importantly make the Air New Zealand flight home, just.

It was such a huge relief to see the hostesses at the gate all dressed in the Air New Zealand uniform smiling as we filed on the plane. Made me feel a little better getting on another flight after the one I had just been on. There is something about knowing your heading home and hearing that accent.

Note to self, try to avoid flying in or out of Houston at this time of the year when there are likely to be Spring thunder and lightening storms.

The past week the time has flown, catching up with friends. Also having tests to check what is happening on the inside. To see if the internal stuff is behaving or not. I am pleased to say I am back on track to head back to TOH on 3rd of June and to finish our adventure.

Having these tests are hard work, the time leading up to the having them, I think I must resemble a particularly grumpy old lady, then that stress ramps up to whole other level until you get the results. Sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the doctor, that feeling of wanting to flee is so hard to repress. To sit there, smile and make small talk while all the while you really only want to scream and run. Run anywhere other than that room. But on the flip side the need to know is just as strong. So yes I was a jittery, moody, grumpy toad with the patience of a nat. I am so sorry to those that have had to put up with me every time we go through one of these check ups.

The rest of my time has been spent as “a lady who lunches”, spending time with friends and family, in particular my No. 2 and Nearly 1. We have talked, argued and laughed. In short the soul has been renewed

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