Flying, Airports and Customs

So the day finally arrived, its time to head to Canada, Friends, Family and Grandbabies. With the extra case paid for and the bags are all checked in. We lunched with my support crew and No.2 child before heading off through customs.

I have to admit to spending quite some time worrying about the first customs check with all our medication. I packed it all into the carry on (and not much room for much else). But really there was not a single thing to worry about at any custom points in NZ, USA or Canada. Not a single question asked. So all that worry was for nothing.

The flight to San Fransico was just over 11 hours, not to bad, but not much sleep and then the “oh so friendly” US Custom agents waiting to greet us on arrival. I wonder if they have to have special training so that they dont
react or smile?

The time spent in San Francisco airport passed with “Have A Chat” finding new friends to pass the time with. So after a 6 plus hour wait, and a 4 hour flight to Toronto I arrived to be met by No.1 childs +1’s parents and TOH some hours later to be met by Chris.

At the Lindsay House, with growing anticipation we waited for No.1 and Grandbaby 1 (GB1) to arrive. Would Grandbaby 1 know us in the flesh? Would he take some time to get use to us? Perhaps we need to put a square around our heads so that he recognises us.

Again, there really wasn’t anything to worry about. He knew us straight away and cuddles were all around. My heart was singing.

What a delight GB1 is, what a chat-a-box he is, and on the go. Not a quite moment with him around. Fun and games are non stop.

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