Well what a night…… by the middle of the night I felt I had fallen into hell.

The stomach cramps, the diarrhea and then the vomiting.  (I don’t ever want to see pea and ham soup EVER again).

Wayne kept asking what he could do, but I couldn’t tell him, I didn’t know myself.  I didn’t know if this was a passing thing that I just had to get through, would it stop or when it would stop.   I was past the point of asking him to take control or to help.  I wanted too but didn’t know how too.

What is it about Men.  Is being a mum make you instinctively step up and take control when you feel it’s needed.  This is no criticism of Wayne, he is handling this whole situation so well, and I understand the helplessness you feel when you are faced with this situation.

I did make it through the night to early morning, though by then I didn’t even feel as if I was on this planet.  It took all my remaining strength to ask him to help, to call someone.

Ask is really the wrong term, I shouted at him, I shouldn’t have, and didn’t mean to.  The look on his face, was horrid and I regretted yelling, but on the phone, he got.

He called the Oncologist….. who was in Singapore.

He called the emergency number whose voice mail told him to hang up and ring back.

Ha, I thought the phone was going to fly across the room.  But they did call him back and after a brief conversation, Wayne was packing me up and off to Hospital.

The Hospital was waiting for me and wanted to monitor me as they were unsure if I had picked up a bug of some sort or if it was a reaction to the chemo, (which they thought was a little strange as how far it was through the cycle).

So Nil by mouth, on intravenous fluids and pain relief….Ahhh Morphine you are my friend.  The stomach cramps continued through the vomiting and diarrhea had stopped…. No wonder there was nothing left inside to expel.

The following 2 days pass in a dehydrated pain filled blur.

The diagnoses; Yes, it is a reaction to the Chemo drugs.  They have stripped the lining of my internal pipeline (for it felt like a pipeline, as anything that entered the mouth within a flash was making its way out of my body).

So, Nil by mouth till the gut has time to heal itself – give it time they say.

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